QQQQ today 15:14-17

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade4succes, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Did anyone happen to watch the QQQQ during 15:14 - 15:17 today? what went on there?
  2. QQQQ


    Pardon me for not getting any more noise than 5 minutes candles;
    last hour of CST[chicago or central time],
    2;10,[and 50 minutes to close,] sellers spike of 27 million,, didnt go down much but opened $ 36. 98, closed 5 minutes later $36.97.

    Probably small short covering rally, and many dont want to go home short plus last hour is prime time for long swing/position enrty.

  3. If you look at a 50tickchart or something, it doesn't look like it.. Market stays in 1 cent range, with huge volume traded..

  4. karol88


    almost 100 000 000 shares traded within 1 min 30 sec, but there was no change in price. Looks like the PPT was preventing the free fall