QQQQ & SPY Options Trading: 1 Trade per day with $2,000 Account

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  1. QQQQ & SPY Options Trading: 1 Trade per day with $2,000 Account:

    Will focus on:

    QQQQ options
    SPY options

    Gonna fund my optionsxpress account with $2,000.00 to real live trade these options. Right now, trading them through my optionsxpress real time demo trader.

    Only will trade up to $2,000.00 per trade to make it the most like when I real/live trade with my $2,000.00 in total balance...

    Today's trades went great:

    bought 10 SPY feb 83 puts @ 1.87 and sold @ 2.30
    bought 28 QQQQ feb 30 puts @ .69 and sold @ .84

    anyone else trade these today?
  2. What about the calls you "loaded up" on?

    You can lie to the board all day man, but after the other trades you posted, you still trust yourself to risk $2000?
  3. The stories are growing taller and taller from this guy and we've all seen this before from posters. In the end he'll tell so many stories that they will all start to contradict themselves and he's go away and return under a new name.
  4. guys...I am telling the whole truth here and nothing but the truth...I am demo trading and that is it...all is cool...telling the truth!!!

  5. are you going to hold overnight? If you don't I think you will have to have $25000 because of the pattern daytrader rule.
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    So long as he stays in cash and keeps margin off he'll be fine. Judging from his pretend trades he has no real use for margin.
  7. Perhaps you should mention those other trades you "loaded up on" which turned out to be losers
  8. But you need to have a margin account (unless it's an IRA) to trade options.
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    No you don't.
  10. I am in two put positions with QQQQ and SPY...incurred huge drawdown on thursday like to losing $600...but..the SPY is only in the whole $15 and QQQQ about $100 or so...normally I would have pulled out but let's see...options offer the overnight longer range than futures...i cannot hold overnight because do not have the cash
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