Qqqq`s Will Break 43 Today Or Tuesday!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. empee


    thnx for the heads up!
  2. If it drops signifcantly below 41.60 I'll get a little worried about the nasdaq, but not until then. Personally I think it will hold the 43.70 area. It's nothing but up from here. Great buying opportunity.
  3. I told you HG that apple would hit 82, before it hit 92......but I am sure you got out plenty of time with that kind of trading range you could drive a truck through.
  4. Yes YOU WERE RIGHT. I moved my stop to break even at the start of the trading day yesterday, so I made nothing, but it was worth the risk because of the volatiility of the stock. I will be looking to purchase the stock again for a quick pop.
  5. Blue, sounds like the NQ may be an option also then for placing a bet down . Once again Bluestreak , another excellent post !
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    What happened to all the advise about the trend is your friend, about going with the flow, not calling the turning points but just watching the markets? I guess it only works for buys?

  7. The trend is still your friend. The upward trend has not ended.
  8. to me right now rimm looks like goog a couple quarters back where they beat numbers the stock jumped to 450 in ah, and premarket; but slowly drifted downwards.

    As rimm beat but i think the stock is already valued for this fact by the tremendous runnup over the past 3 months---i look for that stock to slowly drift down to the 125 level over the next few months.
  9. Noddy do yourself a favor and look at aapl and qqqq on a weekly scale. If that isn't a great upward trend I don't know what is. The daily stuff is all noise.
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