QQQQ reversals for 1-3-06

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Walther, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. I came up with new forecasting method, so I will post results here.
    When Chande goes past 60 and shows divergence( divergence is not not 100% necessary but helpful), reverse as close as possible to 10:20, 11:00 13:20 and 14:30 est
  2. lkh


    If you had an accurate way to tell if the QQQQ will reverse and open up or down tuesday you might have something of value. Some of the biggest moves the QQQQ makes is overnight.
  3. cnms2


    Are you using the standard 20 day Chande or another period? Also, I read the you could use it in conjunction with its shorter EMA (i.e. 9 day EMA). It seems you don't do so.

    Currently QQQQ's Chande is at -38.5. What makes you believe that it will drop bellow -60 the next trading day?

  4. cnms2


    Over the past 3 years I see no QQQQ's Chande value bellow -50 ...
  5. How would you trade it ? Where would you place stops?
  6. I was talking about 1 min charts values, you are probably looking at daily charts. Or your charts calculating it somehow different.
  7. When I looked at this signal for QQQQ on 1-3-06 , 10:20est did not look that good on 1 min charts. Look at it now on 10 min charts.