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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Joab, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Joab


    Loading up Short $45.60

    Top O Range

  2. Joab


    I'm adding to my position here @ 46.00

    Average price 45.81

    Also writing some Bear Call Spreads 46/48
  3. If your wrong don't dissapear on us
  4. Joab


    Of course not, this is just one trade :)
  5. So, what if he is wrong? Joab always posts calls. commend him for that, instead of looking to badger him for not being 100% correct.
  6. Joab


    Moi wrong, never ! :D

    thanks madman we need more support for the traders in the room that put their balls on the line with live calls.

  7. Joab


    A private IM i thought was a good question so I will share

    I'm really expecting resistance in this area 46.00 so I wont let it get too far away from me.

    I monitor multi time frame charts so it's hard to give an exact # but I try my best to post the exits before they happen.
  8. bluud


    I ... short QQQQ @ 46.08

    there is a great chance it might go higher ... but this is a good price to go short ...
  9. I've made some bad calls in the past

    Recently I recommended AMR (as well as other arlines) in the low 30's which is now trading at $27.5
  10. Joab


    Beige Book release was not too bad but we are stretched pretty far on multi time frames now so the next 30 mins should tell the tale.

    Will keep posting updates
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