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    QID and QQQQ moves in opposite direction. theoretically QID should move two time as fast as QQQQ. Nevertheless, in recent days, QID just moved at the same pace as QQQQ. Anyone has idea why this should happen?
  2. QID does not move twice as fast as QQQQ, it moves twice the inverse of the daily range (magnitude not time).

    If you plot QID vs. QQQQ for each day, it does very close to what it advertises. That is to say, at any point in time, change in QID will be approximately -2X the change of QQQQ throughout the day.
    At the end of the day, the changes should have tracked well enough that relative change from the opening should have the same -2X relationship.
  3. The QID etf is tied to the Nasdaq 100 index so it does not exactly mirror the QQQQ. There are slight variations.
  4. Good point. Although QQQQ tracks nasdaq100, so the relationships should be very close.