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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if there is some sort of conversion between QQQQ and NQ.
    I have a QQQQ chart and want to convert the numbers to use to trade NQ.


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  3. NQ/NDX = roughly 40.5 x QQQQ

    if you're paper trading just use NDX as you would NQ
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    if it's the correlation your seeking after, then just open Quotetracker, add portfolio:

    Symbol X 1
    Symbol Y -40...

    And you'll get the real time correlation!
  5. Well I only have access to an QQQQ daily chart with ninja trader. I want to use that daily chart to see TL's and S/R for the NQ. So there is no real formula that is used to calculate QQQQ from NQ?
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    Were you able to figure out the M bottom and W top before your parents kicked you out of the house?