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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Neet, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Neet


    Due to liquidity issues and my admiration for tech I am seriously considering slowly migrating to exclusive QQQQ intra-daytrading.

    If there is anyone out there who trades the Qs exclusively or at least several times on a daily basis I would seriously appreciate any tips or suggestion based on your experience. Perhaps which charts and indicators the Qs are most faithful too.

    Usually when I trade Nasdaq stocks I look at the Qs for guidance. When trading the Qs what is your guidance ? VXN ? TICK ?

    Which indicators do you pay more attention to ? Bollinger Bands ? RSI ? MACD Crossover ? Economic Data Release ? Earnings with colors or perhaps dogs ? Stochastic crossover ?

    Aside from volume not being a problem I like the idea that no significant information aside from a catastrophe can impact this equity unexpectedly, contrary to say, a company like YHOO or company takeovers, sudden upgrades/downgrades.

    Oh well, just mumbling here as I try to put the finishing touches to my trading style.

    Again, your help is seriously appreciated and if you cant help well, good trading to you :)
  2. Neet


    Well, hopefully today someone will wake up willing to help :)
  3. I wouldn't try to daytrade the q's because volatility is usually better in other stocks. If I did trade it, I would use 1 minute charts with heiki-ashi high low open close symbols and a 6 period sma shifted 1 minute to the right.

    If I made money, I would be surprised and I'm sure it wouldn't be much.

    Good luck.