QQQQ, AAPL. GOOG, BIDU continue their uptrend since 52 weeks low

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kitty1996, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. These Nasdaq leaders are all trading above 10&20SMA on daily. Next resistance is 50SMA. Some already passes its 50SMA.

    Buy on weakness & ride this rally. Don't fight the trend. Bear market or not, we are in a bull mini rally into the Q1-2009. Be careful with your over night short positions.
  2. JLM Pacific Epoch floated rumors that Google (GOOG) would acquired Focus Media's (FMCN) online advertising subsidiary. Silicon Alley Insider's sources say "the rumors are not true, says a source who would know... short GOOG!
  3. i am actually short GOOG at 305... its at 312 so im actually kinda screwed.. ran up to 317 earlier today.. sigh.
  4. have stop at 317.. its at 312 right now. Gives me a small breathing room...
  5. kipster


    AAPL breaking lows , currently ~89.01
  6. goog great stock to own