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  1. Is it possible to realize small .2 - .5% profits throughout the day manually spread trading QQQ vs. SPY on the 1M time frame?
  2. which happens first.. QQQ goes up then spy.. or vice versa? can anything be said about that?
  3. 1) Friday was an "exceptional" day for that because of expiration and the political rumblings. :cool:
    2) What you're suggesting can be done but you're very likely overestimating the profit you can make per trade. :eek:
    3) Wait until January to start trading it. :)
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    If you are looking a little bit long term, you can use the same strategy for ADI and TXN. Check out the charts. I do this trade a lot. Now it is a prime time to short ADI and buy TXN. You will get 4% in less than a month. Good thing is that the risk is very limited or none (relative in stock trading). You have to do it in large volume to make sense.At least $50K. I would go with $300K