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    Nasdaq Removes 12 Tech Cos. From Index
    Friday December 13, 7:17 pm ET
    By Amy Baldwin, AP Business Writer
    Nasdaq Removes 15 Companies From Index, 12 of Them From Technology Sector

    NEW YORK (AP) -- It's a sign of bearish times: As the Nasdaq Stock Market did its annual reshuffling of the Nasdaq-100 Index Friday, technology issues got the boot in favor of safer consumer and industrial companies. (more at url)


    These changes may cause QQQ to trade more closely with SPY
    as tech firms are kicked out and consumer & industrial companies
    are placed in the index. It would be interesting to do a before &
    after correlation study against different indexes to determine if the
    behavior of QQQ changes greatly.

    - Greg
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    What does this mean to QQQ? How does the fund swap assets?

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    Thanks for the post.
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  5. gotta love how everything is always changing
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    Thank you for the heads up on this.