QQQ SSF 1,000 share contract starts tomorrow

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by JayS, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. JayS


  2. So the commish on the 1k share QQQ will still be $1?

    If so, that rules...buh-bye AMEX!

    (those AMEX bastards must be PO'd about this - i'd be willing to bet they'll try and stop it)

    FINALLY a use for the SSF's...

    I STILL want the SOX futures, though...maybe they'll wake the ^%$%$#@ up and start that, too...but i doubt it.
  3. JayS


    I would imagine, doesn't take any more effort (from anyone: broker, exchange, etc) considering they will trade on the same platform.
  4. cheeks


    Am I missing something?

    Why would you want to trade an SSF on Q's when a very liquid contract on the Naz 100 already exists.

    Why not just trade NQ? You can get better tax treatment, more leverage and deep liquidity?
  5. good point.

    i dunno.

    that's the whole argument against SSF's...why?
  6. cheeks


    Your not the only one!

    I am in disbelief that it has not been done yet.