QQQ slippage with IB's smart routing

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  1. anyone here trading the QQQs with IB's smart routing via API or otherwise? What kind of slippage are you seeing with your market orders? If you trade the SPY I am interested in hearing about that too.
  2. I found the simplest and best thing to do is just use Island....no matter what just bid or offer a penny above or below and use isld.
  3. I use IB's API, so I can't specify exchanges. My only option is smart routing.
  4. I found slippage on short sales to be especially horrible. It seemed like I always got a fill just shy of the inside market every time, with slow fills to boot.

    I switched to ISLD and now I get filled where it should be.
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    If you want no slippage, route QQQs to Island ECN.
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    I wouldn't go so far as to say no slippage, but I agree ISLD is the best route for trading the QQQ. In a fast market things will slip around a bit, but not much, and you're not going to do better elsewhere.
  7. tech,

    are you talking about IB's smart routing? You don't say which exchange you found so horrible. Maybe I should look for another broker for stocks with an API that supports personalized routing, if such exists.
  8. Smart routing - yes. I think it routed through the NYSE which would explain the nonsense. The Island is the only way to go with the Q's.

    You can set a global ECN/exchange or by each ticker.

    I'm not a scalper so all my standard Naz daytraders are set to 'smart' routing except the QQQ.

    IB's a great broker - today there were some connectivity issues on and off but those aren't too frequent. They've recently started up a decent message board, too, staffed by IB people.

    Def visits here on occasion but it's a hit or miss. Their board addresses a lot of issues from TWS enhancements (and bugs) to evrything else.

    The only problem from what I've read is if you're a daytrader w/less than 25k. Then their rules tend to get strict regarding settlement, etc, especially in a cash account.
  9. I trade 1k lot of SPY and DIA, if smart route to
    NYSE or AMEX, slippage can be from 5 cents to 10 cents.
    Sometime you get price improvement as well.

    Are you trying to scalp or looking for longer time frame (1-5 minutes)
  10. I trade 1-5k lots (depending on strength of trend) using 5-minute bars.
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