QQQ price deviation from its index

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    hi, when yesterday (Feb 20, 2018) NASDAQ 100 index was closed at 6,779.70, the QQQ was closed at 165.29. QQQ is supposed to be 1/40 of its index, but 165.29*40=6611.6, less than 168 points. Why such a large deviation? Thanks.
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    because traders do not care about that and arbitragers do not have abilities to cover everything
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  3. Hadn't paid attention to the discrepancy before and am not "looking into it" now...

    But with similar difference today, offer this as a possible explanation... The difference has existed for a long time, is continuing to grow, and may be the cumulative "costs" of the QQQ (since its inception) vs the index and has not been "reset" to be 1/40 of the index. (Not a difference you could arb nor anything of concern.)

    The QQQ is not the NDX per se, but rather a derivative product/security based upon the NDX. To manage the QQQ, there are costs... commissions, management fees, spreads, slippage, etc.

    If someone knows otherwise, perhaps they will chime in.
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    The QQQ closing prices of 165.29 was very accurate because this morning the ETF sponsor reported the closing Net Asset Value of 165.25, only 4 cents off the close.

    My _guess_ is that the QQQ and the NDX have slightly different component weightings. The ETF's components are updated every night by the sponsor, and published. I don't know when the index weightings are updated or published. I also don't know if the index reflects accumulated dividends; the ETF NAV does.
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