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  1. went long may35calls at .80 Looking for a 1-1 risk reward based on the underlying...if it hits 36 or 34 I am out.

    good trading
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  3. :confused: what do you mean? the Q`s havent come close to either big number?
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    I'm showing a low of 34.83

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    Wow you guys are really addicted to ET if you are both watching this post and replying this fast!! ET always amazes me.
  6. I am addicted to this site. Its the only place I can talk trading without someone responding to me like I am a degenerate gambler....:D
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    hahah Ya I hear ya on that one. Im from a small town and traing is frowned upon for sure.
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    Umm maybe I need counseling
  9. look at the volume on May 34/35 Puts...

    159 and 129 K respectively.

    O/I on May 35 puts is 440K. Unreal!


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    on the contrary dear Watson .. LOL
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