QQQ options VERY expensive

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  1. Wow ..... The premiums on the QQQ August 05 options are expensive, a QQQ strangle will cost $242.00, last Friday a QQQ July 29 strangle was about $78.00.

    This is obviously because of the debt limit deadline.
  2. Breaking News: House passes GOP bill to raise the debt ceiling

    Now those premiums should crash on Monday. The QQQ August 05 strangle should be about $78.00 on Monday, Tuesday for sure.
  3. You do realize the house vote means NOTHING, right?
  4. Breaking News: "House of Representatives" to be renamed into "House of Clowns"

    >>The measure passed on a 218-210 vote on Friday night.
    The GOP plan was certain to be dead on arrival in the Democratic-run Senate, which was moving to take up its own, Democratic-authored plan this weekend.
  5. (Reuters) - The Democratic-controlled Senate on Friday defeated a bill to raise the debt limit by a vote of 59 to 41 that had passed the Republican-controlled House of Representatives earlier in the day.

    that was quick! the process has begun to speed up. there is still time to bounce a couple of bills between the House and the Senate. the dumbasses will make sure nothing is finished until Monday evening.
  6. QQQ Aug 58 puts 2.55
    QQQ Aug 58 calls 1.36

    That's what I call skew !
  7. donnap


    That's what I call the wrong price for the put. It looks like you used the price for the 60P.
  8. That's a hopeful outcome. Mark my words: they won't make it.
  9. ToS Quotes 14:39 SUN
    QQQ AUG 11 58 PUT 1.35 (Mark)
    QQQ AUG 11 58 CALL 1.415 (Mark)
  10. They haven't voted yet, but I may end up eating my words. *blech*
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