QQQ on Tuesday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Walther, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. I expect selling after opening then run up past today's high.
    Important time to watch is 11:05 - 11:20 .
    Have a nice holidays.
  2. 4xis2ez


    Hi Walter,
    Do you have a target price for QQQ for this upmove? Thanks.
  3. i predict a gap up open then massive selloff.

    i've been wrong alot lately.
  4. If we have a gap up , we might see 36.10 but I think there will be effort to get sellers on board first so they can help later to drive price into stops .
  5. taodr


    What does that mean you're 50/50 ??
  6. At 12:05 might be another try to establish resistance.
  7. Do you expect down from here. When you said in your first post a move past [yesterday's] high, I was thinking another big up day - just an assumption.
  8. I thought that price will peak around 11:00 and then will go steadily down . based on what I see so far, I think there will be another attempt to break trough resistance around 14:05, but because price is moving so slowly it might be at 14:30.
  9. What a sleeper, it sure tried to break trough resistance at specified times but nothing significant . See what will happen before close. Looks like nobody is leaving , just waiting for a leader .
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    Maybe QQQ is working off overbought conditions for new highs tomorrow.:)
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