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Discussion in 'Trading' started by GreenDog, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. Anyone else noticing reduced liquidity on the Qubes via ISLD over the past week. Naturally when ISLD decided to "hide" the BOOK, there was a decent drop in QQQ volume, but what I'm talking about is the past 3-4 sessions.

    I used to be able to bury 20K shares 0.01 (0.02 at most) away from the market.

    Today I've been giving away a bit more.


  2. maybe you better use the NQ e minis ?

    or is the slippage better for you using the Cubes?
  3. Here too Dog....

    It is unfortunate, but I do believe the ISLD sanctions are
    having an affect on the Q's.

    Wasn't so much so at first. However, I have noticed with an increasing rate in the last 3-5 weeks.
  4. "Conveniently", ISLD no longer posts their market share on the QQQ's. Last data I could find had ISLD w/ 27% share of QQQ total volume (Sept 02).

    Current ARCA market share of the Qubes is about 9-10% (from their site).

    It sure would be interesting to know ISLD's share these days. I'm sure it's still greater than the other ECN's.


    PS - Beautiful little "flush" into the close today!!
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  6. I refuse to trade against an invisible book.
  7. Thanks for the article.

    That was interesting.

    Although, I have to state that I tend to side with Isld, on
    the measly .03

    IMO, the SEC would have done better by the market to acquiesce
    to ISLD for the additional .03

    Overall I'm not too concerned with the current amount of slippage. Most of the liquidity on ISLD was in the form of hidden orders anyway. However, if slippage continues to increase, I might shift all QQQ specific trading capital to the NQ.



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    People actually call it the Qubes or did you make that up ?
  9. ... true
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