QQQ heading for 9-11 levels?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by topguntrader, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. I remember post 9-11 QQQ got down below 30 (Around 27-29 level).....Man I wanted to load up the truck but scared to death....They then rebound into 41 range. Well we are back down there again....Is it time to load up???
  2. a lot of people is having the same thinking... that's why we have support and resistance in prices. :p

    Cheers! :)
  3. I loaded up the truck when I saw 32.20 on Friday morning. How long do you thing I'll be holding this if I simply refuse to sell at a loss?
    I made the mistake of buying based on the current price in relation to previous recent prices. THEN I checked my charting more carefully and realized there was no indication that 32.20 had any chance of being the bottom. Live and learn. Now I sit on the sidelines until I can get my funds back.
    So much for my second attempt at intraday swing trading.
  4. So you're an investor now, eh?:(

  5. Wow.

    For some reason I'm reminded of that japanese guy who soaked in gasoline and lit himself on fire...
  6. I know a lot of traders, including myself, that bought QQQ at around 3,000 in September of 2000, because it couldn't go any lower. Traders make lousy investors ...
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    D'ya think,

    don't feel too bad, I put a stop limit to buy if it broke the previous days high (32.74). I set it at 32.78 (I guess too close), go figure I couldn't be around Friday and for some reason got filled !!!!

    This was my Datek account for swing trades.

    My charts look like it got real close, but not quite there (any help anybody), even though they filled me at 32.74, they do show the high on the quotes for the day at 34, nothing there though.

    Can anybody else just check their charts to see what the high was, before I waste my time calling them ?

    Thanks, Andy

  8. Absolutely! They are completely separate disciplines.

    Investing is about making predictions.

    Trading is about odds, probability and if/then propositions.

    Correlation: zero.
  9. Amen brother,.... Amen !!!
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