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  1. coming soon---qqq futures . this is going to be AWESOME !!



  2. Surf,

    Please explain your excitement about futures on the q's.
    Don't take this wrong. I have honestly wondered why anyone would trade the qqq's over the NASDAQ futures. If you are a sucessful q trader, why wouldn't you have already moved to the higher leverage product? I have never traded the qqq's and am just curious about your comment. Please enlighten me.
  3. My first thought was "This is obviously a joke."

    But then again, so is the entire SEC and NASD with their über-moronic rules.
  4. they should make it fungible with the NASDAQ futures and it will most definitely be successful.
  5. Sharp


    So when exactly are these going to start trading? Do we have a date?
  6. Brandonf

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    They are set to trade on Nasdaq-LIFFE, which, the last I heard was going to start trading on Nov. 8th (this friday)

  7. deriviatives on deriviatives on deriviatives. NQLX and one chicago will be offering futures on the qqq's when single stock futures start trading, supposedly on nov 8. in my opinion, the more ways to trade an index the better. in addition, abritrage ops for the little guy (me) between the cash qqq and futures qqq should be sweet. hope this helps.


  8. Fohat


    NQ futures are QQQ futures. We already have QQQ futures :)
    1 NQ future = 8 QQQ futures
    thus, it'll be more efficient to trade one NQ future($2.40 or less in commission) instead of eight QQQ futures (around $8 commission).
  9. unfortunately, that is not accurate. the nasdaq emini futures and the coming qqq futures are 2 seperate and distinct products.


  10. in addition, qqq futures will vary in size. there will be a contract representing 100 shares and there will be another contract representing 1000 shares of qqq. abritrage between the cash and the futures should be sweet.


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