QQQ Expiration.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DTK, Dec 18, 2002.

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    Does anyone know when QQQ's expire. Is it Thursday's close (since the NDX is a narrow based index) or is it Friday since it's a stock?

    Thanks. Never held options till the end and was just curious.
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    Friday at 8:30 AM all the options and futures expire.
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    do you mean the options on the Qs? the actual QQQ stock never expires.
  4. I believe you may be mistaken.

    QQQ equity options cease trading @ 3:15 P.M CT on expiration Friday. Technically, they expire @ 11:59 P.M. Chicago time on Saturday night after Friday's close of trading.

    NDX and MNX Index options cease trading @ 3:15 P.M CT on the last business day prior to expiration Friday (usually a Thursday).

    The settlement value for the NDX is a volume weighted-average for each component of the index during the first five minutes of trading after market open on Friday. This value is given by the NDS. The settlement value for the MNX options is 1/10th the value of the NDS. There are some other elements should a security not open, but I am sure you get the general picture.

    Metooxx, do you concur with this interpretation?
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    That's what I was looking for.
    Thanks hr375. :D

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    CME mini futures expire fri at 9:30
    Dow mini same time on thurs.