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Discussion in 'Trading' started by exce26, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. exce26


    Does anyone know a website which explains about QQQ strategy, trading tips, etc....?
  2. neo_hr



    there were a couple of articles particularly on that on TradingMarkets.com. Sign up for a trial and do a little search (I think It was by Dave Landry) see what you come up with.

    Good luck
  3. MDTrader


    Don Miller at the Tradingmarkets.com has a lot of good ideas. I found them useful. He trades the Q's and has a few posts and also offers a course on trading the Q's.
  4. If there is anything you need help on.........let me know & I will help guide you in the right direction........I did a video tonite about trends & you could see on my thread or go here
    http://www.stocktrendwizard.com/timing.htm it will help you understand the markets ebb & flow & trends......whatever you need to grow just ask & if i could help I will let you know....chris
  5. exce26



    How do you set up your chart for QQQ trade?
    1. time frame(1min, 3min, 5 min.......)
    2. Indicator study (moving average, stocastic, .........)
    3. any other.......

    What do you see for entry & exit point?
  6. Tell you a simple thing to do if you like Stochastics..........set your slow D to 5 period, 5,3,3 on tradestattion & on realtick its %D 5 period, on a trend UP for instance......dont short overbought signals.......wait for the markets to retrace to your 20 ema or 25 sma whatever you prefer.....& look for stochastic to go oversold & then work buys ,,,the time frame you work on is up to you.....usually even taking a 38-50-% fib retracement on that time frame your working with should line up with the 20 ema on that time frame for a entry so you know what time frame is best......thats a pretty simple idea to use for entry, shorts are reversed.......chris
  7. neo_hr


    Hey I also heard that you could use 5 min charts and enter on 1min . Basically short rallies below 20SMA and buy pullbacks above it. Stos you set to 8, 1, 1 and buy when it goes above 50 line , sell when it crosses below.

    Someone more experienced could perhaps offer better assistance
  8. Well I did on my last message Neo........
  9. Hey thanks Neo, some interesting info there.....