QQQ Cancelation fees on AMEX

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Strategery, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. Has anyone out there been hit with these fees? I have head that some brokerage houses are DKing the bills. What's the deal?
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    Never heard of this.

    Following this thread for more information.
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    Those are non-existing...
  4. They existed for a brief time when I posted this question.
    20 years ago!?
    A trader in our office was making markets on the q's using our membership. The specialist called us because their printer on the floor ran out of paper. Due to a system problem, all orders were being printed and manually executed. They tried to implement a fee after that. We switched to ARCA. :)
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  5. %%
    Nothing like a good long trend;
    AMEX sold QQQs to NQ.
    WMT cashier ran out of paper only once, she said sorry, fixed it.
    NOT a stock or ETF tip looks/ like S Walton + Co know how to run a wiser business than AMEX; even if qqq does better long term than WMT:caution::caution::caution::D:D:D