QQQ 1000 (QKQ) future and IB (or why IB doesn't support it yet?)

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by GeorgeSoros, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. NQLX has launched a new QKQ (1 contract = 1000 QQQ) contract recently. Yes : 1000 QQQ for 2 USD per roundturn, instead of 15 USD for the same thing with stocks.

    Even if InteractiveBrokers support all NQLX SSF, they don't support this one yet...

    Technical issue or 'I don't want to support it because I am afraid traders will love it and I will lose money' ?
  2. I just read on IB forum that they are not offering the 1000 share SSF
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    Can't discuss why or why not but I heard there is no volume and it is going to be delisted. I have not checked my facts on this so correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. WTF??

    why delist the cheaper trade??

    b/c there's not enough to be made on it by the clearing firms/BD's??

    kinda would seem like true IB style to fight for this contract (and oppose the QQQ which is handled by AMEX, and well, we all know what the AMEX is like)
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    i'm not clued in on this and i said my info might be wrong. i haven't even looked at the volume or open interest. Is there any?
  6. has not been as good as I would have liked so far

    for the SSF's in general ... I hope things get better next yr
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    I just looked on the NQLX web site and they no longer list info on the QQQ 1000x contract. Thus I think it has been delisted.

    SSF"s: while volumes haven't been stellar, what seems to be promising is that the spreads and liquidity is decent.

  8. Unfortunately true QKQ has been delisted...
    I don't see any reason for that...Broker pressure? Could have been the cheapest future in the world with IB...
  9. that blows goat (judas goat :D).......................

    maybe AMEX had something to do with this......

    it's like lenin said - you look for the person who benefits the most...