QQ Daytrading Journal for Accountability and Consistency

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  1. I've been lacking some consistency lately so I'll be starting a trading journal here to remedy that which hopefully will be sped up by the "accountability" of all the kind and helpful souls on this forum.

    I'll be trading options on the Q's. Just 1 contract for now. I'll post all my trades as I do them. If you're curious about what kind of trader I am: I trade fundamentals... the fundamentals of technical analysis. 5 min bars. Sometimes I'll Ant-man into the 1 min to check action at a key level but that's a different strategy for a different day. Sticking to just this for now.

    On that, let's get to trading. Oh, also, if you're just going to troll me at least make it funny. And I don't mean "this works on my grandma" funny. You'll be telling a joke to a Joker so at least try.

    p.s. Contrary to my name I don't really use Fibs anymore cause they clog up the chart space. I put them on sometimes EOD and go "oooooh that would have worked" but eh, we'll see if I'll use them again some day. I do miss their magic though...
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  2. Took a trade while I was writing that.

    +1 QQQ 3 Apr 2 179 Call @7.47
    Closed @7.50
    Sometimes I do this in hopes that maybe this trade will be different! It wasn't. I'll stick to 9 Apr Options. Slippage is just redic for what I'm trying to do.
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  3. Took another trade while writing it too.
    (I'll leave out the quantity and underlying since this is all going to be QQQ)

    6:50:37 9 Apr 197 Put @11.15
    6:52:32 Cls @11.58

    Could have held this longer but I didn't like the action at the location so I took it off early.
  4. 9:10:20 196 Put @13.33 Kind of iffy on this but we'll see.
  5. BTW I'm west coast
  6. 9:14:51 Cls @13.56
    Oof. I tried to get 13.64 but it slipped away and then I adjusted then I think I could have gotten it.
  7. EOD
    Missed a few opportunities but they weren't really screaming at me. Let's see what Monday brings.
  8. New Week, same game.

    Buy 1 QQQ 9 Apr 178 Call @12.51
  9. CLS @ 12.95
    Hit my target. So far it's still going up but I only have 1 contract :/
    Up a lot after I closed, actually. Ain't that always the case- when you get out, that's when it leaves you in the dust. When I expand to two contracts, we'll catch these moves past our targets.
  10. BOT 182 Call @12.23
    #10     Apr 6, 2020