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  1. Is there a reason why QM volume seems to have dropped? A while back , it was trading above 50K contracts per day, nowadays its trading in the 20-30K range.

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    look at WTI in the ICE exchange for WTI, same underlying, today 74.7K, ICE is eating Nymex's lunch.
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    you have a link for that volume ?
    and volume for the big CL contract ?


    Do you have a link to that ICE exchange ?
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    What crude contract has the best spread
    and liquidity ?
    CLH7 on Nymex or WTI on ICE ?
    Do the contracts on these exchanges
    have the same size ?

    Which brokers offer ICE futures ?
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    Hi, folks.
    Why to trade QM when you can trade the big contract on screen via Globex???

    Nymex CL: 458,339 contract today, 346,368 of those was via Globex..
    I know that the The Nymex Floor is Dying, But how much of this screen volume is made by floor trader trading side-by-side?

    ICE WTI 178,788 contracts today.

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    Is CL = WTI in contract size ?

    the average spread for CL = 1.7 cent (minimum tick size 1 cent)
    the average spread for QM = 3.4 cent(minimum tick size 2.5 cent)

    so CL definitely the way to go for active trading
  8. Trade the big contract, NYMEX CL...
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    Hi virgin
    Nymex CL is the original light sweet WTI contract
    the ICE benchmark is the Brent crude.

    both have the same size (1000 barrel por contract)
  10. my broker is showing

    QM volume of 22K vs CL volume of 182K on globex today

    needless to say the 1/2 size QM can still be worth trading

    as with all the volatility in crude oil

    one need not "lose" as much if wrong on a spec position
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