QM volume dropping off

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Trader273, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Anyone else notice that the volume for the QM is dropping off? Looking at a daily chart, it appears that October and November were good, but late November and now in December the volume is pathetic. It is 11:30amEST and only about 9400 contracts have traded. Just curious if anyone has an opinion of why the volume is dropping off. I'm a trend follower and its hard to get a strong sustained trend with low volume.
  2. check the volume on CL over the same period of time
  3. Malinois


    The volume in QM has declined steadily since the Full-sized Physical contract (CL) has finally gone electronic. Qm is fine for positions but not as good for intraday IMO.
  4. I agree. I decided to stop intra-day trading it. There are other markets that are better for intra-day.
  5. Malinois


    I meant actually that CL is better intraday. The crude market is still an excellent intraday mkt. My personal favorite. It's just easier to slide in and out of positions in the full sized contract and you get a better bang for your commission buck.