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  1. Start an account with $2700, trade QM. Was planning to trade CL, but the margin went up, so I settle with QM.

    Starting next Monday (3/7/2011), I will record here in this journal what will happen.

    Feel free to give your input.

    Wish me luck, my fellow traders.
  2. Major hesitation.

    Hesitated at first setup,

    pulled the trigger at the second setup but an error message popped up, turned out I clicked on the CL symbol, not QM, so the trade didn't go through.

    Hesitated at the third setup.

    Took the fourth setup, made $58.
  3. spd


    It'd be nice if you posted some charts
  4. at first setup, clicked on the wrong symbol, got an error message popping up on the screen, not a good start.

    missed the next couple setups,

    took the fourth setup, made $33. This trade was already outside the trading time, but I didn't want to walk away with nothing.
  5. I was placed in front of the firing squad, I saw them raise their rifles and aimed at me. I thought of running. I ran away many times before and lived, but I resisted the urge to run. I stood there, without moving, though the thought of running crossed my mind a few times, each time it lasted perhaps a second or so. I remained standing, they lowered their rifles. "Maybe they are not going to shoot me," I thought, a little relieved. But they raised their rifles again and aimed at me. "Oh, No, they are going to shoot me, I am going to die," I thought. "I am ready to die," I thought to myself, "I am not going to run. If you shoot me, go ahead and shoot me." So I stood there, ready to take the bullet. But they lowered their rifles again and let me go.

    That was my only trade today, made $8.

    The great thing I did today was that I didn't run away.
  6. two trades, made $29.

    Missed one setup, due to cat interference. I was about to enter the trade, when the cat spoke to me (in cat language of course). I was wondering if the cat knew something about the chart and was giving me a hint or what. So I looked at the cat and tried to figure out why she was persistent in making the cat sound. Then I decided the cat sound had nothing to do with the chart. I looked back at the chart and there was a big winner that I missed.

    ok, I will find a better reason for missing setups.
  7. I am tired of chasing daily fluctuations, I will hold a short position until Qadafi leaves. The day he leaves is the day I cover. Hopefully, we will see oil at 95 next week.
  8. Forget 95, the bs broker liquidated my position and I lost $604, a huge chunk of my account.

    I checked the overnight margin requirement of the broker for QM in the morning, it was $1750. Repeat: It was $1750 in the morning.

    After the bs broker liquidated my position, I check its website, the margin went up to $2500.

    The broker changed the margin requirement in the middle of the day!!!

    If I knew the bs broker was capable of this dirty trick, I wouldn't have held the position.

    Is it against any rule of SEC to change margin requirement in the middle of the day?

    Anyway, forget about swing trading (the multi-day trend is clearly down), it is ended before it starts, thanks to the bs broker.
  9. I noticed most journals have a year-end goal (like taking this amount of money to that amount of money), so I am going to set up a goal for this journal.

    I will take the current amount of $2200 to $11,000 by the end of this year, that's 400% increase.

    Note 1: Like the goals of some journals, my goal is not guaranteed. I may not reach the goal by year end.

    Note 2: Don't be surprised if blow up next month.

    Note 3: Don't be surprised if I run out of money next week. We all know trading is hard, so don't expect too much from me.
  10. Notes123...are you really trying to trade the QM or are you joking? It is hard to know which one...please clarify...thanks...INow
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