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Discussion in 'Journals' started by celedus, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. celedus


    I lost about $1200 today in the huge and sudden last minute moves of crude to the upside...on no news!

    Thought I would gauge the interest of people who want to discuss QM and related news and trading strategies so that everyone can benefit.

    Is anyone interested?
  2. TGM


    Crude always rallies late in the Week. Oldest pattern going. You know even in a downtrend. There will be a short covering rally before the weekend. Today was a perfect example.

    I am interested in what everyone is paying in Commissions? on the Qm?

    I am paying 6 bucks.
  3. Ebo


    $5.04 Rt including NFA fees.

    Celedus, keep us posted on your trades, I like to know who I am fading on a personal level! Just kidding, why would you sell after a 3 point correction one day prior? At least let the dust settle.
  4. celedus


    Yeah my mistake, should not have traded. I am very new in the game - maybe I won't last for long as well :)

    I just started trading the day before ... thanks for your replies, I will keep you all posted with my trades.

    I am using IB for my trades. So I guess I pay the same commission.

    Thanks for the late week trend about oil, so you think it will go down more on monday? Its back upto 63.75 now.
  5. QM & QG are not markets for beginners. Indeed, one could even argue that even for professionals unless they are well funded , even QM & QG is till too volatile a market.

    STAY AWAY FROM QM & QG. Learn with YM, ES, ZN, & SF
  6. TGM


    Do your homework. Trade a simulator for a while first. I hope you have a strategy?
  7. TGM


    SF?? what is that? swiss franc?
  8. Yes!

    Actuallly, the initial poster is better advised to do some paper trading FIRST, develop a strategy, learn about risk before he trades any market!
  9. TGM


    You got a dollar on me. Who you clearing? If you dont mind me asking? If you mind --pm me.
  10. celedus



    I just want to scalp a bit, I try to trade between ranges or momentum - I must admit I don't have any serious strategy.

    Thanks for the advice, I will stay away from QM, QG then - it burnt me real bad - I am just a student - $1200 is something I was planning to earn from trading in a year! :)
    #10     Aug 18, 2005