QM spike

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  1. that was interesting, qm spiked down about $1.35 then a few seconds later the power here blipped


    any ideas
  2. R0R, u kiddin' right?

  3. lol i kid you not
  4. soler


    I notice qm spike down to 74.10 right at 6.pm opening..about 100 contract traded between 74.10-74.85 then right back up to 75.50ish what's up with that..can anyone explain??..no news at all..thx
  5. wish i was faster on the draw to pick up extra while it was down there. whoever wants me out of these positions can, ahem, lick my balls
  6. must have been a margin call of some sort forcing market sale before there were any reasonable bids on the market?
  7. that sounds plausible, dunno. somebody picked up 39 at 74.550 or so

    $17,500 not bad
  8. I noticed the same thing, not really sure what was going on... wasn't very much volume, seemed to be one or two big buyers... possibly a nymex glitcht hat we won't hear about? congrats to whoever picked up the cheap contracts...
  9. Yeah, it does look strange:
  10. one aspect that frustrates me a little in retrospect, at one point during the episode for about 10-20 seconds there was a perfect arb between WS and QM sitting right there. WS bid was i think .2-.3 higher (or more?) than QM offer which could have been a clean $2-300 per 1 WS x 2 QM, and it took a good pause there. it was so unusual i hesitated and watched it go
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