QM slips thru IB

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by sporky, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. sporky


    whenever my stop loss is hit in QM i am slipped 2 ticks. i've had to lower my stop loss to make up for it cuz it seems to happen every time.

    i don't have this consistent problem in ES, currencies, gold or grains. QM spread is as tight or tighter.

    what's your experience?
  2. rcj


    I havent done QM in a yr.

    I'll give it a try next Mon. and post here if the problem
    hasnt been taken care of by then.
  3. I've traded 1000's of QM's and this is very common and has nothing to do with IB, it's just a market structure issue.

    There's nothing funny going on: most of the posted bids/offers in QM are just an arb of CL, so if CL moves up or down, the QM orders will often disappear instead of trade so you'll "slip" a few ticks very often because your stop isn't even elected until it goes a few ticks past your price.

    Easiest solution is trade the CL if you're doing high-frequency scalps; otherwise find a way to trigger your stops in a market-if-touched fashion or conditional on the big contract.
  4. sporky


    with IB stop orders become market orders

    thx for the info
  5. Right, but they're not triggered until it trades at your stop price so you still have the problem I described.

    Is there an IB option to trigger based on the bid/ask touching your stop price for GLOBEX based contracts?
  6. sporky


    I guess you meant nymex

    anyway, no
  7. Surdo


    I suppose you could write an algo using CL trigger price and QM as the trading vehicle?

    Don't ask me how to code it, I am lucky to get OSO's to work!

    I hate QM too for the same reason.

    el s.
  8. coolraz


    Sure you can. You can do ask, bid, double ask, double bid, last and mid. I think mid might be appropriate here.