/QM or /CL which is better to trade?

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  1. /QM or /CL which is better to trade?

    They seem to similar of course, but for those who trade it daily can tell their differences.

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    QM is 1/2 the size of CL, not as liquid as CL, if you are even asking this question, trade QM, you'll only lose 1/2 your money!

    CL does tick in .01 increments, while QM ticks in .025 increments, making it a little bit less attractive.

    QM = 500bbls
    CL = 1000bbls.

    All off this info is on NYMEX website which is where you need to go.
  3. Their is no FIFO on QM.
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    Thanks, I hit bids and take offers.
  5. Ok. So basically its just leverage of 2x, but like you said /CL is better on tick size.
  6. CL has much greater depth behind it, if you're trading more than 1 contact you have less slippage trading CL than QM. Also QM periodically will have spikes far away from the CL price at that time (20-30 cents or more) so consider yourself warned.
  7. After watching the DOM for a while, it seems the when /CL's spread is 0.02, compare to /QM 0.025, the bid/ask size 'waiting' on /QM is larger than /CL's bid/ask size at same time.
  8. my question is...who really trades the QM and makes any significant money with the QM?
  9. Contract specifications aside, if you can't "comfortably" margin a 1-lot of CL, then you shouldn't trade QM at all. :mad:
  10. Thats cause it less liquid. Thus its easier to get your stops hit when it would not have gotten hit in cl. Chart them side by side and you will see the difference, when stops are run qm runs further down or up
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