QM ...1 point = $500

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  1. is this for real? $1 point decline in oil = lose $500? wow
    You would need 47,000 dollars to buy the contract without leverage
    now i see why so many ppl blowup their accounts with futures

    Someone should create mini mini futures with smaller incrments. Why doesn't the CME just make a version where 1 point = $50 instead.
  2. The grains have some mini futures worth around 7k a pop I think but they are so illiquid that any small guy who buys em get taken to the cleaners with slippage /spread.

    M6e is like a mini euro, i think that's pretty illiquid too though.

    Forex is probably a better choice for small accounts that need to manage smaller position sizes.
  3. Funny you put it that way because I wonder why with that leverage I'm not a billionaire.

    Think the qm is dangerous look at coffee. You can lose 2k before you have time to place a stop.

    I often wonder if they don't make a micro contract for oil because they don't want any more manipulation and noise then there already is. I always tell my friends if you don't have 100k you shouldn't be trading futures in general. The stupid etf's have screwed things up so bad I'm not sure if it would make any difference. I love the micro currency futures for weekly pattern swing trading, really makes it easy to pyramid and doesn't push margins making it able to diversify.
  4. I've wondered about that too.

    If some guy just goes in the mini grains and buys everything in the book that will push the big contract up too? I thought those minis only really followed the big contract.

    It would only take 50-200 contracts to push those mini grains where ever you want em.
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    Just try it then ... but don't be naive about it ... the micro contracts are market-made to follow the full-size ones, as soon as you finish buying the micro at increasingly higher prices, you'll see it back down matching the full-size contract.
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    If that makes you sweat, check out the CL contract.
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    Don't day-trade QM, it has very low liquidity and its tick value is 2.5 cents ... expect a lot of slippage compared to trading CL - which is $1000 / point.
  8. well, tonight i bought my first future contract ever- a single YM @14867

    i know how this pattern works. setting up a rising wedge right now. soo predictable we'll open +100 pts again
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    NO pattern is 100%. But hopefully it works for ya.
  10. Very high probability week after June opex is down which will put us about 130+ points lower by Friday's close. Good luck.

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