QLGC reports today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by AAAintheBeltway, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. Anyone brave enough to short this one ahead of earnings? I could see a big drop if the call is not beyond perfect. There is clearly a month-end markup exercise going on in the market anyway, so this one could catch the double whammy.
  2. Why not. 41.65. Small amount. Same logic applies to MXIM.

    Take the politics out of the equation, and we see eye to eye.

    Also shorted BVF today at 38.85. Low 30s is possible in time.
  3. omcate


    Not me. I made over $4,200 by shorting QLGC put options in the past few months. Not ready to give it back yet.

    Maybe I'll short QLGC or its call options two or three days after the earning.

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  4. QLGC is up 2% in after-hours
  5. QLGC up 5 points in three days, has rallied three straight days, is at significant resistance and has squeezed the shorts brutally. If you feel the market is due to pull back, this might be a good one to try to top pick. So far however this thing is a short killer.