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  1. Anyone notice on LII that QLD has a horrible bid/ask spread (like 10c), while the QID has a great tight bid/ask right at the price. Does this say something about
    the market (QID more liquid because shorts more active)? It doesn't make QLD very enticing to see that great gap there.

    Or is my LII innacurate -- anyone else see this?
  2. Except that it's got twice the leverage of QQQQ, there's no real advantage to trading QLD. Why try to replace an already super-liquid instrument?

    QID is the most liquid inverse to QQQQ. It just happens to be 2X the Naz100
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    i traded qld twice today, no maatter what there is always a 5-12 cents spread, its horrible. As soon as your limit order goes through your down 3-5 cents on it. It moves so quick though. QID trades on avg 8-15X more volume than QLD. QID has 1-3 cent spread, which is so much easier to trade.