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  1. I do a yoga routine every morning.
    I follow Yoga With Adriene from Youtube and do what she has scheduled for the day.

    I follow it up with squats and pushups every other day and I recently began doing Qigong on alternate days.

    I have been doing the 8 Brocades and the 5 element routines because it seems like they encapsulate basic exercise values and I can get it done relatively quickly after doing yoga for 25-30 minutes.

    There are a lot of Qigong videos, but I want to follow a routine. I have been exercising to 2 specific Qigong videos but I have grown bored with them.

    Are there any other Qigong exercises like the 8 Brocades or 5 Elements that I can try? Or, is there a channel that I can follow that offers a new routine like Adriene?

    I have tried Tai Chi, but Qigong appeals to me more.

    Any Suggestions?


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    8 pieces of Brocade have been done as a health practice for over 2000 years....good stuff. I practice Wing Chun, Yang taiji and Qigong most days.
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  3. I like Qigong and yoga. It's low impact, using your body as resistance.
    I like the principles behind it, but I want to expand beyond what I have been doing.

    I wonder if there are other routines like 8 Brocades, 5 elements, or yoga's sun salutation that I can use?

    Ideally, I would like to find someone online that offers a different routine every day like Adriene, but she seems to be unique.

  4. Do you practice based on what you have learned on your own or do you follow someone on youtube etc. ?
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    I've studied under long time practitioners. I recommend finding a qualified teacher, it's very difficult to see what needs to be corrected and done correctly.
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    On youtube, Faye Yip, a kung fu and qigong master who comes from a long line of masters has a good one on 8 pieces.
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  8. For good shoulder health and posture, you should complement a pushing exercise, such as push ups, with a pulling exercise such as pull ups or rows.
  9. You gonna need even more yoga after our Boyz dropped a pile of steaming loser on the silver star MOnday night...