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  1. hello, just curious if anyone here practices Qigong to help their trading?

    I took up the practice three months ago and it seems to help greatly with mental focus and concentration during the day. Also a great help with stress reduction that most of us face as traders.
  2. taowave


    Any meditative practice that focuses on the breath and emptying the mind will be beneficial not only in trading,but in daily life.

    Don't underestimate exercise and nutrition as well.

    In a profession where everyone seeks an edge,it is shocking to see the vast majority not have a disciplined practice/life.

  3. good to hear from you taowave.

    I recently had a conversation with a trader/fund manager, he said no matter what day of the week, weekday or weekend, he always wakes up at 5AM and practices yoga and meditation for two(2) hours!

    I find Qigong very interesting, it has helped me remove some blocks. among traders I find self sabotage a big issue. I am quite a fan of Bruce Frantzis inner dissolving methods.