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  1. anf123


    Hello everyone. First post. I'm a casual market observer who puts some money into the markets every now and then.

    I noticed today that the Proshares Ultrashort QQQ has reached a 52 week low, and with as much concern in the markets as there currently is, was considering buying some. I know AMZN is up to report after the bell today, but it just seems that tech is so overbought right now, and any sort of bad news from AMZN could spark a sell off tomorrow.

    I don't have a margin account (college student, bit too risky at this time, although I would like to change to it instead of just trading cash) so I can't short AMZN or any other stock.

    I think it could be a decent buy.

  2. gobar


    another earning coming from EMC and VMW and the big one yet to come

  3. S2007S


    hold up on qid, market is irrational....
  4. How does QID pay out a dividend? I never bothered to look at the fundamentals behind it, but if it's ultrashort, how does it pay a dividend? :confused:
  5. S2007S


    nearly every single proshare etf has paid out a dividend, last quarter the only proshare to not pay out a dividend was QLD. Go to proshares.com and click on distributions, it shows every dividend payout for 2007. Some are impressive.
  6. Right, but that doesn't asnwer the question - if a fund is ultra-short, how can it possibly pay out a dividend if it's short? :confused:
  7. moo


    One piece of advice: NEVER BUY ANYTHING AT A NEW LOW.

    Try SDS or TWM instead, more potential & less risk.
  8. Short positions generate interest income. That's probably what they distribute (minus any expense fees they charge).