QID trades below 10, 20, & 50SMA-daily=very bullish for the market & Nasdaq

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kitty1996, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Still not convinced about the bull mini rally in the present bear market, check out QID chart. 65 is now crossed. The ETF went up with low volumes vs went down with high volumes in December month.

    Next support 50 - 55, the 200 SMA on daily=52.18 is now its next support.

    Sell this EFT on any strength & buy QQQQ on weakness days because the market will continue to rally into Q1-2009.

    $50-55 is coming for QID in the near future for sure. Sell sell sell!!!!
  2. Can you make your point in one thread instead of three different ones with similar messages?