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    Anyone trade the two heavily and which in your opinion trades better?
  2. S2007S


    QID is very risky compared to QQQQ

    QID does 2x what the NDX 100 does.

    You probably want to trade PSQ instead.
  3. I trade the QID and QLD only. Moves pretty good.
  4. kidk


    How are you trading them?
  5. YES...GREAT stuff...add all 4 of these together and you have the most amazing 'indicator' to trade the NQ...emini nasdaq...again, just my opionion...do not trade off of it...inow
  6. nasdaq goes down I buy the QID

    nasdaq goes up I buy the QLD

    I don't do much intraday trading, I usually keep them overnight or for a few days.
  7. how many days are...a 'few days'?
  8. from a day to 5 days
  9. this is great, also through GOOG or AAPL in the mix for serious indication
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    Nice second post you nub. Go catch a mouse.

    As for everyone else, I appreciate the feedback. I'm getting back into the game after a couple of years doing the corporate finance gig.

    I've got a pretty good call on intraday moves in the comp and just trying to get a feel for the QID. I'll be spending some time with it on a level 2 to get a feel. AMEX are scumbags. So I'll be posting alot. I've traded Q's, I'm actually looking for something a little thinner.

    Could you guys list a couple of great index trackers or ETF's for me that trade well? I'd appreciate it a lot.
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