Qicker Fills Arca or INET

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by gkadir, Jun 24, 2005.

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    Dear Traders,

    I wanted to ask some simple questions.

    Which ECN is best for faster fills for Nasdaq stocks.
    I hear that INET is good for certain price levels but Arca is more liquid at all price levels.

    I have an indicator that tells me if this level breaks then I should go short/long, so at that point I just want to get a fill, so whats the best way to do this.

    On NYSE stocks, to get a quicker fill is it best to use an ECN, DOT or NX an order?

    Also on an NYSE, lets say the stock is trading at the inside offer of $50.50 and its NYSE. If I sent a limit order of $50.60 to go long, does my order go the specialist or am I NX the order?

    On Nasdaq stocks, If you want to go short there is no uptick rule with ARCA, is that the same case for INET?

    Thank You
  2. haven't noticed any difference between arca and inet but day trading most nyse stocks on quick ina nd outs is tough. take a tol unh aet bzh.. once the futures move up its almsot always by 1 and you sjut can't get a fill at the ask. even unh with 1.3 billion shares has many illiquid bid asks. the naz is os much easier to get a fast fill. the only fast fill on nyse seems to be using arca. i've noticed arca is appearing more and more as the best quote many times on nyse stocks
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  4. my experience is more Arca liquidity on NYSE

    they pretty much equally as fast in terms of fills
    but i have heard INET api is a little bit faster for programs
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    if trading NYSE and posting a bid/offer you will get more fills on INTE than ARCA... I believe it has to do with the fee structure... (people get small credits for removing liquidity on INET, where ARCA charges.....) PLUS, on most NYSE stocks INET isn't quoting through the NSX so you can cross and lock the NBBO, which is really handy for getting out on a tanking stock (or getting out of a short when it is ripping.....)

    my $.002