Qhadafi is carrying a massacre as we are speaking

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  1. There are tens of civilian death and hundreds missing in the streets of Benghazi and other places. Qahadafi is so desperate he is using African death squads that were brought in to quill the people's uprising.
  2. He should come over here. I'm sure the RNC can find a spot for him. His experience in oppression should prove invaluable to their current campaign against the working class.
  3. He sympathized with Tunisia's dictator. Libyans may hang him like the Iraqi shia hanged Saddam.
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    Best Outcome?

    Qhadaffy kills lots and lots of libyans and then they kill him.

    Still, not quite satisfying.

    I prefer to see the Colonel thrown out of an aircraft at 35,000 MSL into the cold Scottish night sky. Yeah, this one needs to enter Hell at terminal velocity.
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  7. LOL! Try this one zinonazi;


    I won’t waste my time on zionist filth like you. Anyone else and I would've obliged.