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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by MGB, Feb 5, 2001.

  1. MGB


    I signed up for the QFeed subscription from Quote.com

    Now... How do I download the QFeed software?

    I've been given no directions from Quote.com in terms of how to download the software.

    I signed up for it last week. I visited and checked my account and I'm "subscribed for QFeed". Now I can't find any kind of link that allows me to download the QFeed software.

  2. tntneo

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    qfeed is part of qcharts.
    just download qcharts from quote.com web site.

    If you are interested by qfeed as a programmer, you need to request a programmer partnership with quote.com, that's a different story.

    In either case, the qfeed is part of qcharts [a separate download called qlink, offers dde link to excel and compatible programs]
  3. MGB


    Thanks for the tip. I downloaded QCharts and I got the feed with no problems. BUT, the feed is 15 minutes delayed.

    I thought with a QFeed subscription I would be getting REAL-TIME quotes?

  4. WarEagle

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    Qcharts is real-time, but you will have to sign the exchange agreements for the real-time data. I think you can do it online and after they are processed, data will be real-time. If you already did that, then you just have to wait. I know it has taken as long as a day before real-time data started coming in. Just make sure you have signed up for it by selecting the exchanges you want to have in real-time.

  5. reddog10


    I just subscribed to Q-charts a couple of days ago, I like it allot. I also have a 10 day trial of Windows on wallstreet going, I'm sticking with Q-charts, but I was wondering if anyone had any problems with Q-charts like the charts going blank or the feed freezing up like they do in live charts? Thanks--- Happy trading...
  6. Hi reddog - you experienced the reason why I finally cancelled my Qcharts subscription a couple of days ago. The software is really great but their datafeed lacks reliability.
    Tested WOW too and found their datafeed also unreliable.
    eSignal has been very good, but needs a lot of ressources on your PC.
    Best Program I used was RavenQuote - it's based on Qcharts but offers more features. But it's using Qfeed for the time being so the datafeed is as unrelaible as with Qcharts.
    Tenlights, the developper of RQ, has listened to it's customers and is now in betatesting with eSignal datafeed - guess this will be the my choice for the future.RQ with eSignal feed shall be avialable by end of this months if beta's run smoothly.

    BTW, you can testdrive RQ 2 weeks for free. Since you have already Qfeed subscription , just go RQ website, sign up and download the latest version.
    It works with your Qfeed password and a special pw from RQ.


  7. hsanson


    Archangel, can you check RavenQuote to see if it is still offering the 2 week trial ? ? ?
    I haven't be able to find that 2 week trial

  8. hanson -

    Looks like they've integrated the 2 week trial into the subscription process. Go here http://www.ravenquote.com/subscription.htm and read #4 under "Begin".

    Privateer - I tried RQ a while ago but frankly didn't like it as much as QCharts. BTW, I don't think RQ is "based on" QCharts (QCharts code is proprietary to quote.com).

    Personally, I thought the version I used was kind of clunky and awkward and a resource hog. And the "plugin" architecture was kind of primative and cumbersome to build for. Just my opinion of course - maybe it was the earlier version I was using.

    Hopefully the newest version is a lot better. But aside from a couple technical studies I'd like to see added, I think QCharts is slicker and easier to use. Maybe if you have a lot of personal formulas you want to use, RQ would be worth the extra $40/month on top of the datafeed fees.

    You're using the latest version, so I'd be interested in hearing how you're using it.
  9. MGB


    "Privateer - I tried RQ a while ago but frankly didn't like it as much as QCharts. BTW, I don't think RQ is "based on" QCharts (QCharts code is proprietary to quote.com)."

    Right now, RavenQuote requires a QChart subscription. That's what Privateer meant.

    They are working on enabling RavenQuote to use the ESignal feed.

  10. reddog10


    Hey Privateer,

    Thanks for the info, so far I am happy with Q-charts. This is a step up for me to have as powerfull a real-time charting/level2 platform, so I'm still in awe of the thing. My only beaf with the service is an intermittant problem with stale level2 quotes remaining on screen that can be confusing, and a somewhat limited selection of chart studies/indicitors. For now these can be overlooked.

    I will check out the services you mentioned.


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