QEP about to go Pop?

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    wadda ya think ?

    compression , while volume increases ?
    wich side will it pop ?

    After a
    stock is floated, its sponsors try to create a stable market and support the price
    as well as they can without taking back too much stock. When it is thoroughly
    distributed and enough people are interested in the stock to make a market which
    takes care of itself, under ordinary conditions, the original banker, syndicate or
    sponsor may discontinue operations

    due to the recent activity , i may thought that QEP gets advertised

    In the latter case, the stock is advertised by making it active on the tape.
    If the price be advanced, and the transactions made large, the activity attracts
    buyers, and those who are handling the stock are thus able to dispose of their

    will the weakholders (public) be able to handle this ??
    will it fakeout(distribution) to the top and reverse ??
    or will it just pop south straight away after topping at 33 ??

    as of now it acts strong .... but what intention is behind this `strenght` :cool:

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    above setup is obsolete..

    i drew in several scenarios ..

    talking about strenght .. we need to take out 30.00 and stay above
    that level ..

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    doesnt look strong .. does it ?

  5. Bulls may be losing steam but so are the bears. You've got LHs and HLs.

    Or maybe that's a big double bottom and it's about to go back up. Or an M top and it's about to go down.
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    Well we could say that we are at a Support level , right?
    So its the Bulls who are in Charge , agree ?

    As of now ,We could say that demand gets Consumed atm.

    And we should now take into consideration the quality
    Of supply and even more important "demand "... If demand is of Poor
    Quality ie. Retailers wich will puke sooner , then it would be Wise
    To Short , right?

    Otoh , we dont know whats gonna Happen , we just can participate
    And manage risk accordingly ...

    Thats what traders do...

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    a nobrainer trade .. BO imminent ...




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    oh well .... ;)