QE3 - What if it's already priced in?

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    Due to all the speculation over the past months.

    It did not come as a big surprise so the question is up there.

    What if it's already priced in?

    Now that the news are out are there any bears left? or is making money as easy as don't fight the fed?
  2. i am thinking 3 1/2 months and 200 points on s&p might have people taking profit soon. i am not telling anyone to fight the fed though. i do think all this news around the world and the killing of soldiers today might make people take profile monday but this market is very strong with fed money.

  3. Daring


    Would love for someone to lay it all out and post their prediction instead of coming back 1 year from now and say, I told you so.
  4. This market makes NO SENSE

    Why did we go up today??? We are outside Bollinger Bands!!!
  5. effects of cash runnin out of the printing machines
  6. Canada’s front-row seat for the American disaster.

    AKA: the ultimate Ponzi scheme.

    And now, in an astounding demonstration of national fecklessness, a failed president is running slightly ahead in the polls of a challenger who has a real CV, unlike recent presidents, but who is so politically oafish and plastic, he makes Elmer Fudd seem charismatic.

    The incumbent has raised the national debt by 50% on what had accumulated in the 220 years of American independence prior to four years ago — that is $17,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States, in just four years. And Mr. Obama’s tocsin is the comprehensive assertion that: “Experts agree that my plan will reduce the deficit by $4-trillion.” These magic 13 words confirm the reduction of the deficit from $1.5-trillion annually to $1.1-trillion annually in the next ten years, in a country that four years ago had a money supply of only $900-billion.

    About 70% of the American deficit is “bought” directly or through the banking system by the Treasury’s 100% subsidiary, the Federal Reserve, and the minimal interest paid on it is recycled back through the Federal Reserve to the Treasury, so the cost of borrowing is zero.
    It is the ultimate Ponzi scheme, the fiscal nirvana of endless, mountainous debt, rendered easily bearable because it doesn’t cost anything.

    It is a fraud, a mirage........

    It all possesses the hypnotic allure of the Gotterdammerung — as the Gods ascend to a burning Valhalla. If this administration is re-elected, Canada, as it has for the entire mighty spectacle of the inexorable rise of the United States, will have the ring-side seat for a disaster. Prudent, hesitant Canada, ran 14 federal government surpluses in a row. We are the pigs in the brick house — it isn’t a heroic position, neither daring nor stylish, but Canadians are peering through the portals of their stout solid home, transfixed and astonished.

    The fact that Willard M. Romney is still running almost even in the polls despite his demiurgic implausibility as a candidate, afflicted by a one-person pandemic of foot-in-mouth disease, illustrates the concern of the American voters. Either Romney lucks through and numerate sanity starts to return to American public life, or the most self-destructively incompetent regime since James Buchanan brought on the Civil War, will come back and stoke up a truly spectacular inferno that will purify America in a mighty economic Jonestown.

    There will be no more tugging at a trouser leg from Canada — either a comradely pat on the back, or a neighbourly blast with a fire extinguisher, but this operatic crescendo can’t continue for one more full act.

    Sep 22, 2012 National Post



    " Illegal immigration should be outlawed..........."
    - Mitt Romney

    so we have o'dumbo and dumber.

    :D :D :D
  7. Mitt Romney should be outlawed.
  8. Ash1972


    Right, for constantly putting his foot in his mouth. Honestly, he should be trouncing a useless socialist con merchant like Obummer who has presided over a 50% increase in unemployment. Since the US was founded no president has won a second term if unemployment significantly increased in his first.

    However, history can always be made.

  9. Mitt Romney: Racist or Dumbass............?

    In what is rapidly becoming the norm for Mitt Romney, he opened his mouth and something stupid popped out.

    This time, it is a comment that references the birtherism ridiculousness (and if you don't think it's ridiculous, you're a fucking dumbass. Go read another blog.) Speaking at a rally in Michigan, Romney said, "No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate."

    Molly Ball of " The Atlantic " writes..........

    The most troubling part of Romney's statement is the implication that Obama is somehow to blame for the birthers' conspiracy theorizing -- that there are some people you can look at and tell they were "born and raised" here, and others who make you wonder, for some reason.

    This implication of a certain hazy foreignness about Obama isn't new for Romney, who frequently says the president doesn't "understand America."

    Look, both parties have crazy whackjobs to placate. Life, (pay attention here, because this will be a recurring theme in this blog) is like a bell curve, with most of us in the middle. Or it used to be.

    I think the right wing whackadoodles now heavily outnumber the left wing freakazoids, but that's an argument for another day. When dealing with the crazy aunt or cantankerous uncle, you nod politely and listen until they're finished ranting then keep on as you were.

    Except that Mitt Romney isn't just nodding politely (and yes, he should immediately denounce the fucktard commentary from the fringe) and going about his day. He's listening and repeating and incorporating the crazy into his narrative. And, right there, is the difference between dumbass and racist.

    Dumbass lets the racist relatives and their pathological hate-filled rhetoric hang out in the family room instead of sequestering them in the attic with a cup of tea and a plate of cookies. As a result, the rest of us are stuck having to listen to the crazy old bat ranting in the corner.

    (Which is bad enough to be sure but hey, we're all family here. Sometimes you suck it up because one day you might be the bat in the corner and you don't want to get locked in the attic.)

    Racist pours the bat a gin and hands her a microphone.

    When Romney gets up to speak to a crowd and repeats the nastiness of birther racism, he's giving it a platform. He's endorsing their message of hate. He's spreading their lies. Whether he believes it in his heart, he's says it with his lips, and that's all we have to go on when looking at a presidential candidate: his record.

    I'd like to think Mitt Romney is just a dumbass, because that's the lesser of the two evils. Unfortunately, his words are starting to say otherwise.

    By Jamie Winters, August 24, 2012


  10. Ash1972


    Let's not forget that Obama has always made a virtue of his own 'cosmopolitan' background and back in 2008 was pretty much promising that that would lead to peace in the middle east. Which it didn't, for some puzzling reason.. :confused:
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