QE2 has set sail!

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  1. Well, perhaps someone with creative graphics skills can have some fun creating the following:

    A cartoon image of the "QE2", that has an image of a cruise-liner, in this case the name QE2, is in the place of Titanic, (Titanic visibly crossed out), and of course, the best part, our illustrious Fed Chairman, the honorable Captain Ben Bernanke, at the helm...with USDollars being distributed in it's wake, and a distant iceberg appearing on the far-horizon.

    The captain is jovially exclaiming, with his 'nose-to-the-wind', 'All-aboard', or whatever the nautical-equivalent, ahoy-matey's...

    edit: it could also have a helicopter deck for his personal aircraft, the USSHBB, (USS Helicopter BB), with attendant bags stuffed with USD's
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    and the iceberg has "Ireland", "China slowdown", "Greece", "Portugal", "Spain" and "Italy" written on it