QE is working.

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  1. I am getting a new luxury auto, with 0.9% financing it is a no brainer. Since I have no debt, it makes sense to buy a new car and just borrow at 0.9 why not. It is almost like having access to the discount window for automobiles.

    And a weak dollar is gonna boost up auto prices in the future. Better to buy now and get a cheap luxury vehicle from the overloaded lots and 0.9 today :)

    So QE might work after all.
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    "work " as in inflating nominal values instead of intrinsic values yes of course. My girlfriend was contemplating taking out a loan for her masters degree and I told her to go ahead even though I hate what the education system has become. Her loan should be easier to pay off so what the hell might as well drink the koolaid like everyone else right.
  3. when you compare it to a cash price you will understand you still pay around 10%
  4. The biggest beneficiaries of QE so far are precious metals investors...

    Who strangely enough also are the FEDS biggest critics.

    Go figure...
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    depreciation on that luxury auto will eliminate any perceived increase due to a weak dollar. If the economy drops further, the value will plummet even more. Auto is poor investment, you are buying more for satisfaction and emotion, that is how the sales floor hangs you out to dry if not careful.
  6. And the second you drive it off the lot, you just tossed at least $5k out the window. Massive depreciation in those first few years, especially when it's a very high priced vehicle.
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    around 50% in first 2-3 years to be precise.
    one of the most depreciating assets i know..right next to electronics and PC's.
    buy same car 2-3 years old <50K miles. it will be covered by manufacturer bumper to bumper warranty for some time after your purchase,so anything goes wrong-bring it to a dealer. all this for half price. now-that's a smart move.
  8. LMAO - Discount Window for Luxury Automobiles +1
    Don't worry your retirement fund is inflation hedging with CL so there will always be plenty of gas around if the EPA doesn't close all the refineries :D
  9. F- the fed