QE 4 different..

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  1. Well.. with the "fiscal cliff" drama drawing to an end.. and uncle Benny around the corner ready to buy up the world.. it seems we are entering a new trading period..

    What are you expecting?
  2. Not saying that I am expecting this, but I feel there is a greater possibility than what most people think for the market to show massive gains in 2013. I believe the DOW and TSX have a good shot at breaking all time highs next year (not barely, but by a solid margin).

    You heard it here first. :D
  3. QE-5.....6.....7.....8......9......:cool: :D :eek:
  4. Shouldn't it be something more like

    QE-5..............6.......7.....8..9101115 etc. ?
  5. Churchill

    After a day like today.. it sure looks positive..

    Regarding the "fiscal cliff" I'm still in awe that they've thus far come to agree in part. I just want it all to be finalized so that trading can return to somewhat normal.
  6. Haha.. yea looks that way..
  7. If the fiscal cliff talks are coming to an end, what's the financial media gonna babble about endlessly now?
  8. It looks like they are kicking the spending and debt ceiling parts of the "cliff" down the road for a couple months. I was hoping they'd have it all wrapped up yesterday..
  9. good question, I miss the health care crisis. Maybe the gun crisis.

    but you said financial media

    probably, "Debt Crisis"

    only thing is, there actually is a "Debt Crisis"

    hard to make money on a debt crisis

    but if they let me get properly positioned

    I can make money on

    SPECIAL REPORT: From the CNN newsroom


    and how it affects you

    (financial media will be the same old crap. Call around and find a bear, call around and find a bull, put them on tv)
  10. 2016 - 2018 is the real worry in terms of cycle theory analysis on the world economies of all nations. Expect the unexpected as always when the euphoria grows sliently, and people remain a asleep in enjoying life. At the end of market deecay is nothing but volatilty, and hope turns to despair at the end. If we have to speak of QE4 that sums it up, but I think a QE7 should destroy an old era. I use my 10 fingers to come up with the 10 year cycle W.D Gann toyed with. The human body explains the universe with 19 bones in your hand, and 10 fingers as well 10 toes explain our harmonic scale to annual time. That is why 55 is the number of the Universe as Greeks and Chinese say it in their old texts.
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