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  2. cramer sez qcom a monback.
  3. I'm not sure how to interpret your chart but I entered into QCOM JAN 06 45 Calls today based on yesterdays news with Verizon and the pull back today:eek:

    I hope I won't be hitting myself on the head with a technical analysis text book.
  4. Hi
    I trade mostly options but when it comes to QCOM ,I day trade the stock (watching NDX in the background)usually for 0.20-.30 scalp on 1k-2k trade.(enter/exit may be 2 to 3 swing trades based on 3 min/2Day chart).Daily chart as attached earlier shows a possible resumption of down trend.Qcom tanked on court cases filed by NOKIA et al but reversed higher on higher earning guidance. But the fact is NDX/COMPQ at almost new high but Qcom struggling to remain at previous high or trending lower.
    But all is not lost on your Qcom Jan 45 calls.If you are willing to take a small profit,you could close the position with a 0.2-0.35c profit as you have ATM calls.If Qcom does not move ,time decay will go against you. Find enclosed QCOM 60' chart with Fib.Hope this is useful to you.!:cool:
  5. trying to attach a differnt chart as PCQuote chart was a bmp chart