QCOM - what is going on here?

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  1. market broadly stronger and QCOM is stinking it up!

    damn i expected this one to be at least >4250 by now


  2. i noticed this volume on Friday - highly unusual in front month with 5 days left - have followed this stock for 15 years. any ideas what it means, if anything?

    obviously QCOM has grossly underperformed NAZ. 40-4250 soon is doable. Stock could jump 2-3 in a day; keep an eye on it. of course i don't expect it to pop until i have a ton of short calls sold. i will post on here when that is! :D

    ANALysts mean target is 50+. looking for that $ no later than January '07.


    Live In Play

    14:04 QCOM Qualcomm/Broadcom options activity (34.75 -0.08) -Update-


    Earlier today we pointed out notable options activity in QCOM and BRCM. In QCOM, the Nov 35 calls are seeing interest with 23.6K contracts trading vs open interest of 14.4K -- implied volatility is up around 9 points to ~38% on the trading. In BRCM, the Nov 32.50 puts are seeing interest with 32.4K contracts trading vs open interest of 7.7K -- implied volatility is up around 5 points to 43%. The QCOM Apr 35 calls are also active today... Regardless of whether or not the activity is related, the QCOM and BRCM options activity suggests expectations for increased volatility in QCOM and BRCM over the next week, since Nov options expiration is next Friday (11/17). Although the options trades could be hedged with offsetting trades in the underlying stock, QCOM call buyers could be positioning for near-term upside, while BRCM put buyers could be positioning for near-term downside... We note that QCOM and BRCM are currently involved in a patent dispute. Also, QCOM's London Investor Day is scheduled for next Monday (11/13), and QCOM is set to present at the UBS Global Communications/Tech Conference next Thursday (11/16). BRCM's Analyst Day was yesterday... We also note that CNXT announced today its processor was selected by MOT for set-top boxes -- this could have implications for BRCM since BRCM is the incumbent supplier to MOT in their set-top boxes. (OPTNX)
  3. QCOM

    beginning to twitch a little --- precursor to much higher prices into year end?

    i think so


  4. look for QCOM to POP

    don't know why >>> but it can't continue languishing here with market making highs!


  5. My indicators show we will be range bound for the next few days but they do show to be bullish.
  6. thanks for the input

    >40 soon possibly 42

    This stock might be 50 by year-end. Why?! why not every other dog is rising with the tide. This one has grossly underperformed.

    What else are you following that I might want to look at? TYIA

  7. The following charts are positive on my system. I bought most of these today.

    CVD took a big hit today but still shows positive

    Two that I didn't buy that look good

  8. AMAT.....?
  9. not enough bang in AMAT for me > traded it years ago (90s) > its not vola enough IMHO

    where do u see it going by 1/30/07? + 1.50-2?

  10. Just threw it out there (AMAT). In at $16 and forgot it. I'll not predict, but at 19.05.....I'll take my nickel dividends and go home, ha!
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